H4i? Standard Water Chamber

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H4i? Standard Water Chamber

ResMed H4i? Standard Water Chamber Tub

Product Description

The H4i? standard water chamber is used with the S8 series of CPAP and VPAP machines. For best results to maintain your ResMed S8 water chamber, it is recommended to use distilled water and rinse daily to prevent mineral build up. Long term use of tap water and not rinsing will result in corrosive build up on the water chamber plate. The H4i? and H3i? water chambers are different and you can identify which model you have by the sticker on the front of your humidifier.

Please Note: The machine pictured next to the water chamber above includes the H4i Water Chamber Top Lid and Seal and is NOT included with this purchase. However, you can add this lid to your order by clicking HERE.

Important Product Note

If you have a H3i? Humidifier you still have the original H3i Humidifier Lid. You will need the H4i? Lid to be able to use the H4i? water chamber in your H3i? Humidifier. If you are unsure you can call our staff for assistance.

Special Features

  • Replacement water chamber for a ResMed H4i heated humidifier
  • The ResMed S8 Water Chamber can be used up to 6 months before re-ordering
  • Provides optimal performance of your humidification system

Included In This Package

  • (1) Standard H4i? Water Chamber Tub

Recommended Replacement Schedule

  • Filters: li>
  • Hose Tubing:
  • Complete Mask:
  • Water Chamber:


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