AirFit P30i Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask with Headgear

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AirFit P30i Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask with Headgear

ResMed AirFit P30i Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask Kit

Product Details

ResMed’s all-new AirFit P30i nasal pillow CPAP mask has a unique top-of-the-head tube connection. This connection provides a stable fit to last throughout the night. Altogether designed to offer more freedom of movement allowing you to sleep in any position. Partnered with ResMed’s SlimLine CPAP tube or another light-weight hose will allow you to utilize the mask’s full features. The AirFit P30i is designed to feel more natural and allow a more restful night’s sleep.

ResMed developed the P30i to fit the first time. The SpringFit frame comes in two sizes and is easily adjustable to different facial profiles. Therefore, making it simple to achieve the perfect fit!

The AirFit P30i has two starter pack options: a standard frame with three pillow sizes (Sm, Med, Lg) while the small frame includes two pillows sizes (Sm and Med).

Another key point is ResMed’s QuietAir vent technology which gently diffuses exhaled air to minimize noise and disturbance. Ultimately, designed to allow users to sleep closer to their bed partner.

Comparatively, the AirFit N30i Nasal CPAP Mask uses the same SpringFit frame and soft headgear. ResMed developed these cushions to be interchangeable. Exchanging your cushion is the only action required to easily switch between nasal and nasal pillow masks.

AirFit P30i Features & Benefits

  • Top-of-the-head Tube – Move freely throughout the night without trying to navigate around the movement of your tubing hose!
  • SpringFit Frame – Receive the most accurate fit during the first use as the frame (available in 2 sizes) adjusts to your personalized facial profile.
  • Quick Release Elbow – Easily disconnect your mask by pinching the sides of the elbow. This allows you to simply remove the tubing from your mask without completely removing your mask. This eliminates the need to find the same comfortable fit you had before removal meaning more quality sleep and less hassle!
  • Soft Sleeves – The Soft Sleeves complement the streamlined mask profile to create a softer, more comfortable experience for you.
  • AirFit P30i Pillow Cushion – Created to be interchangeable with the AirFit N30i nasal cushion, offering you various mask and cushion options. The curved cushion design cradles the shape of the nose and smoothly transitions from thicker side walls for added stability, to a thinner soft center.
  • QuietAir – Minimize noise and possible sleep disturbance as the vent gently diffuses exhaled air.
  • Septum Bridge Membrane – Ensures an intuitive fit and provides a stable seal all the way to the tip of the nose through the night.

Included With Standard Mask Kit

  • Standard Frame with Elbow
  • Optional Headgear (additional fees apply)
  • (1) Small, Medium, Large Cushion (selected size)
  • All size cushion option available (additional fees apply)

Included With Small Mask Kit

  • Small Frame with Elbow
  • Optional Headgear (additional fees apply)
  • (1) Small , Medium Cushion (selected size)
  • All size cushion option available (additional fees apply)

Recommended Replacement Schedule

  • Cushion: Every 1-3 Months (or as needed)
  • Headgear: Every 3-6 Months (or as needed)
  • Complete Mask: Every 9-12 Months (or as needed)
  • Tube Hose: Every 1-3 Months (or as needed)


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