When the owner of AIRCARE /SMART Sleep was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea he sought help. At
the time, the standard of service for cpap support was so abominable that he initially rejected cpap
therapy. After his doctor advised him that his condition was so severe that he had no option but to try
again, he began A JOURNEY OF SELF HELP. He sought the expertise of Sleep and Respiratory experts
that formed the foundation of our mission to assist anyone whose lives are negatively impacted by sleep
deprivation. The educational process continues in a perpetual quest to improve our standards of care.

Our Mission today is to elevate the standards of care for all patients with respiratory and sleep related
problems. AIRCARE/SMARTSLEEP is not just another online vendor : we work with patients throughout
the US and beyond to identify the causes of imperfect sleep and to provide lasting solutions, one patient
at a time.

At AIRCARE/SMRTSLEEP we have assembled a formidable team of trained professionals. Over a period
spanning more than 20 years our technicians have encountered almost every sleep or respiratory
disorder known to man. Our group of companies service more than 100,000 patients.

As we strive to extend our services to anyone who needs our help, we encourage you to assist us by
using our online self help features.

We want to hear from you.