“Your Patient Service Technician is a very special person and must be a great advantage to the company. He is knowledgeable and polite. We like him!” NL

“The delivery man was amazing. He was completely professional and really made it clear that if we need anything, to call him. I wish more people were as knowledgeable and professional about their vocations as he is.” WG

“Your people were very cheerful and kind in showing me how to operate my wheelchair. I really appreciate your courtesy.” MM

“Our Patient Service Tech is the greatest guy. Always very gentle in his work and towards his customers. Helps me in every way he can.” EP

“Very professional and nice. Explained everything to me and helps with my needs. Thank you AirCare for having such nice people.” AA

“I received a very thorough explanation of my machine and all its aspects. You have the exact right person representing you. Thank you for sending him.” LO

“The AirCare employee was an excellent teacher and very patient with my condition, as this is the first experience I have had with medical equipment. You are a very caring company.” BM

“AirCare, all of your employees are kind and understanding. Your delivery man seemed to know how scared I was and the anxiety one feels when something is wrong with your machine. Thank you for all your help.” BO

“Your Respiratory Therapist was articulate, informative, and treated us with great care. He helped calm my anxious concerns. “ JR

“My wife and I wanted to drop you a quick note of appreciation for your help with the CPAP machine. We have enjoyed two snore-free nights so far, and are looking forward to many more. Thank you again for your help.” JH

“The Patient Service Tech was very helpful and patient. He explained everything very clearly and made sure we knew how it all works. This was a very pleasant experience and I would highly recommend your services.” GK

“One of your customer service representatives was the first contact I had with AirCare. She was always warm and friendly. There was much back and forth with my insurance, and she handled it efficiently. Whenever she called me she was pleasant in a way that made me feel that she was actually happy to help me.” LA

“All the people that have come to my home have been very courteous and a pleasure to speak with.” JC

“Your staff was extremely helpful in many ways above and beyond the call of duty.” BN

“I am very happy from your service from your company. God Bless You.” JT

“Everything was very friendly. I received an explanation so I could understand and everything went great. Thank you.” GT

“Let me thank you for leading me through the intricacies of getting set up with the CPAP equipment, which was all very new to me. Your advise and efforts educating me in the use of the machine has definitely made this initial period of adaptation much easier.” JV