Respironics SleepEasy Sleep Therapy System (CPAP). Humidifier sold separately

Respironics SleepEasy Sleep Therapy System (CPAP). Humidifier sold separately
Brand: Respironics Inc.
Product Code: E0601 SLEEP EASY
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People find comfort in simple pleasures. That's why we made SleepEasy as simple as possible. The new SleepEasy Sleep Therapy System is a simple, reliable CPAP machine that you can trust—and use. Performance and portability are within reach thanks to the combination of features and appealing design that you'll find only in SleepEasy. QUALITY YOU CAN COUNT ON: SleepEasy is built in the U.S. and combines proven technologies and designs that have been Respironics standards for more than 30 years. EASY TO USE: A permanently attached humidifier and clear, tactile control buttons make this sleep therapy system easy to set up and easier to live with. MAKING BETTER CARE AVAILABLE TO ALL: From the beginning, Respironics has been dedicated to developing the sleep solutions people need to live better lives. Sometimes, that means making sleep therapy simple—without sacrificing performance. Products like the SleepEasy system make it possible for even more people to benefit from proven Respironics technologies. It's one more way that we are envisioning tomorrow and improving today. BUILT-IN HUMIDIFIER: Lets you use heated or pass-over humidification without buying extra pieces. REPORTING CAPABILITIES: SleepEasy has our proven call-in compliance reporting technology. Its advanced controls allow you to manage the device while eliminating unnecessary buttons that could confuse the user. A CPAP THAT DOESN'T LOOK LIKE A CPAP: To help make therapy as natural as it can be, we've designed the SleepEasy system to look more like a natural part of a bedroom and less like a medical device. We made it sleeker, smaller and less obtrusive, and its new textured casing will more easily blend into home décor. Features •Deluxe ramp capabilities allow a 0- to 45-minute period with a patient-adjustable ramp start pressure •Lighted patient buttons control the CPAP unit •Pressure calibration screen allows the set target pressure to be set to within 0.1 cm H20 •Three-position altitude compensation •Quiet operation •Encore Pro Compliance Reporting Capabilities: ◦Data display for phone-in compliance ◦Easy report generation featuring: ◦Average hours of use per day ◦Percentage of days compliant

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