3″ Comfort Wheelchair Cushion Plus™, 18x16x3

3″ Comfort Wheelchair Cushion Plus™, 18x16x3
Brand: Hudson Industries
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High resiliency molded foam core provides enhanced positioning with an ischial/coccyx Poly-Lite™ bladder for pressure redistribution, increased stability and comfort. Available in numerous sizes, please inquire if a different size is needed. This particular size is the most common: 18x16x3 Product Features --- Core: A PST, molded, high resiliency foam core provides significant support for proper positioning. In the ischial well, two pockets of Poly-Lite™ are segmented into the ischial and coccyx areas. Pronounced thigh troughs further assist in positioning the legs and help redistribute pressure across the entire seating surface while the sizeable abductor prevents the patent from sacral sitti­ng. Cover: Soft€ urethane liner and outer Shear Control™ cover provide incontinence protection while reducing friction and shearing. The Shear Control™ cover is breathable and moisture permeable to reduce temperature and improve comfort and skin integrity. Machine washable, air dry.

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